Thierry Barbier-Mueller is a Swiss entrepreneur, real estate developer and publisher of a variety of media and magazines. Based in Geneva, he follows a long family tradition of art collecting. His father, Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller, was the late renowned tribal and primitive art collector and founder of the Barbier-Mueller Museum.

Barbier-Mueller’s interests range from architecture to design and contemporary art. His daughters and his curatorial team are now also deeply involved in every aspect of A Chair and You.

Robert Wilson is the founder of the Watermill Center in New-York (USA) and is renowned for his projects at the Venice Biennale, the Guggenheim Museum and the Louvre in Paris. Since the late 1960s, Wilson’s productions have decisively shaped the look of theater and opera.

Through his signature use of light, his investigations into the structure of a simple movement, and the classical rigor of his scenic and furniture design, Wilson has continuously articulated the force and originality of his vision.

His close ties and collaborations with leading artists, writers, and musicians continue to fascinate audiences worldwide.