Become a partner

SCADA is a non-profit association based in Geneva and registered with the Geneva Trade Register. Contributions are therefore deductible from taxes in Switzerland for private individuals and company within the limits defined by the law. 

Developping a real partnership with you

A Chair and You is a very ambitious project supported by SCADA, an association lead by a group of young energetic art lovers together with world-renowned collectors and experts. The touring exhibition offers a one-of–a-kind opportunity on a global level to position a company or a brand as a supporter and expert in the field of design. The project, thanks to its incredible network of private supporters is also an amazing communications platform and offers numerous events opportunities.

 A Chair and You  is currently seeking partners to support the project, financially and in kind, either globally or locally during the different phases of the exhibition.

SCADA is offering a wide range of partnership and sponsoring options. If you wish to receive more information or discuss about a tailor-made solution for you or your company, please get in touch with our sponsoring officer. We look forward to speaking with you !

Nicolas Bernheim